There comes a time where your vehicle’s timing belt suffers enough wear and tear that it needs to be replaced before you incur an even more expensive auto repair. For more than 30 years, the expert and experienced auto mechanics at Uptown Auto Specialist in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish have advised motorists in New Orleans Parish and Greater New Orleans when timing belt service is immediately needed or when it can wait. Knowing the difference can save you a lot of money.

Timing belts are part of a complex system with many moving parts, including your vehicle’s water pump, belt tensioner, pulley, and more. The auto mechanics at Uptown Auto Specialist know that when a timing belt needs to be replaced, the other less expensive system components have also suffered the same wear and tear. That’s why if the timing belt is worn, we recommend replacing the whole system’s components; otherwise, a new timing belt may well fail prematurely. We also know that auto parts manufacturers, such as Gates Corporation, have begun rejecting warranty claims when the cause of newer timing belt failure is the result of not replacing the other worn components that wobble, aren’t aligned properly, or otherwise overly stress the new belt. Uptown Auto Specialist won’t compromise your timing belt service with a lesser repair like other auto repair facilities might. And you certainly only want to pay for the repair once.

Modern auto repair requires a constant education to keep up with new technology and ever-evolving associated service procedures, according to our owner Paul Cosma. The materials and technology in timing belt systems have advanced greatly in recent years. It’s not unusual for timing belts to last more than 90,000 miles, providing other associated parts are holding up. That takes a keen and experienced eye--so trust the auto mechanics at Uptown Auto Specialist. That’s why our shop invests in annual automaker training, direct-from-the-manufacturer service information and keeping diagnostic skills current.

These resources are essential to complete and safe auto repair today, so we partially offset these investments by charging a prorated fee for the vehicles we service each year. It’s how we service and repair your vehicle without compromise. Other competitors may choose not to keep their knowledge, skills, information resources, or equipment current so they can charge less, but we won’t shortchange your vehicle timing belt system’s health, longevity or performance. We believe you and your vehicle deserve a complete and up-to-date repair.

In addition, given New Orleans’ predisposition to heavy rains, Uptown Auto Specialist offers two services unique to the NOLA climate: (1) pre-purchase inspections, so customers know a used car is in good condition before they buy it; and (2) complete restorative freshwater auto repairs for flooded cars. That’s also one of the items we check in a pre-purchase inspection.

Uptown Auto Specialist appreciates customers who care about their car’s upkeep. Here’s what a longtime client in the New Orleans and Jefferson Parish region recently shared online:

“I noticed a noise when starting in the mornings, turned out to be the accessory belt and tensioner. I had the belt replaced on my BMW X5 last week. it was quick and easy.” -- Eugene C.

If you live or work in Jefferson, New Orleans or Orleans Parish, or you’re attending either Tulane or Loyola University (just one mile away), make Uptown Auto Specialist your shop of choice. Whether your vehicle needs timing belt service, some other maintenance service, or more serious auto repair, please contact us with any inquiry or to schedule an appointment. Or drop by our shop Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. We’re conveniently located at 501 River Road, Jefferson, LA 70121.

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