When your vehicle needs exhaust repair, the auto mechanics at Uptown Auto Specialist invite you to visit our shop in New Orleans & Jefferson Parish. Our outstanding team of auto repair mechanics understands all the ins and outs of exhaust repair since they’ve had so much experience with it.

Have you ever been driving behind someone whose car is extremely loud? Don’t be that person! They need exhaust repair in the worst way. Exhaust repair is important not just to the guy suffering behind or next to you, but to you and your vehicle, too. A good exhaust system keeps your vehicle running smoothly and can improve your fuel efficiency as well. At Uptown Auto Specialist, we believe that a good exhaust repair not only helps you and your vehicle, it also helps to prevent road rage. Because how terrible is it to be driving on one of New Orleans & jefferson Parish’s beautiful roads and then suddenly be assaulted by a big, loud obnoxious exhaust sound ?

If your neighbors have been leaving anonymous notes on your windshield saying that you need exhaust repair, then you need Uptown Auto Specialist. The mechanics here keep up with their education with extensive training. We have an awesomely funky waiting area with beverages, although most people prefer to use rental car services while we do the exhaust repair. We want your exhaust repair to be as stress-free as possible, and you may need to be at home working or studying.

What do some of the folks around New Orleans & Jefferson Parish think about Uptown Auto Specialist? Here’s a five-star review you might like:

“Great, honest mechanics.” -- Jeffrey B.

If you’d rather be the one leaving an anonymous note on someone else’s car about their needing exhaust repair, then Uptown Auto Specialist is the shop for you. We’re joking about leaving anonymous notes, but we really would like you to come in. Please contact us with your questions or to schedule an appointment. Or drop by our shop Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Uptown Auto Specialist is conveniently located at 501 River Road, Jefferson, LA 70121.

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