If your vehicle has a manual transmission and the clutch is starting to slip, or your drivetrain is having other issues, consider Uptown Auto Specialist in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish for your clutch repair and other automotive needs. Our team of professional auto mechanics combines expertise, experience, and education to handle any clutch repair, other maintenance services for your vehicle, or more serious auto repair. At Uptown Auto Specialist, we want you to experience exceptional auto repair with outstanding customer service — without compromise — that you and your vehicle deserve.

The sound of a clutch slipping can be annoying, to say the least. Motorists in New Orleans,Jefferson Parish and the Greater New Orleans trust the auto mechanics at Uptown Auto Specialist to know exactly what to look for in clutch repair and related drivetrain problems, so you can rest easy when you leave your vehicle with us. The drivetrain has several components — including the clutch — but its main function is to couple the engine to the wheels in order to rotate the axle and provide propulsion. If that clutch and/or drivetrain aren’t operating and aligned properly, it requires the expertise of an auto repair professional. You can count on Uptown Auto Specialist to not only remove that terrible sound during the clutch repair, our auto mechanics will also resolve any underlying issues in the drivetrain itself.

Modern auto repair requires a constant education to keep up with new technology and ever-evolving associated service procedures, according to Paul Cosma, the owner of Uptown Auto Specialist in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish. That’s why Uptown Auto Specialist invests in annual automaker training, direct-from-the-manufacturer service information and keeping diagnostic skills current. These resources are essential to safe and complete auto repair today, so we partially offset these investments by charging a prorated fee for the vehicles we service each year. It’s how we service and repair your vehicles without compromise. Other competitors may choose not to keep their knowledge, skills, information resources, or equipment current so they can charge less, but we won’t shortchange your vehicle’s health, longevity or performance. And that includes your vehicle’s clutch repair.

Building a positive transportation relationship with our clients matters to Uptown Auto Specialist. Recently, a long-time client shared this review online:

“20+ years of service, problem free. Expert mechanical skills and great customer service. Peace of mind when Paul and John do the work.” –- Rockwell L.

If you live or work in Jefferson, New Orleans Parish, or nearby New Orleans communities, or you’re attending either Tulane or Loyola University (just one mile away), make Uptown Auto Specialist your shop of choice. Whether your vehicle needs a clutch repair, some other maintenance service, or more serious auto repair, please contact us with any inquiry or to schedule an appointment. Or drop by our shop Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. We’re conveniently located at 501 River Road, Jefferson, LA 70121.

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